Guess The Emoji Level 56 answers

Written By Azharul islam on Saturday, March 29, 2014 | 11:43 AM

Searching for Guess The Emoji - Emoji Pops lvl 56 answers? Then you have come to the right page. Guess The Emoji - Emoji Pops is a popular emoji photo quiz game that released by Random Logic Games on Google Play Store for android devices and Conversion, LLC on Apple iTunes for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch. If you get stuck on a particular puzzle this page will help you to pick the right answers, walkthrough guides, helps, cheats, tips, tricks and solutions to continue with this game.

Guess The Emoji - Emoji Pops Level 56 answers walkthrough helps cheats tips solutions

1) Level 56-1 # Old styled Radio with antenna, Pepsi Sign / pole station / Red white blue Spiral
Answer: Radio Station

2) Level 56-2 # Sleeping yellow face / Zzz sleep, Boy running / man walk
Answer: Sleep Walking

3) Level 56-3 # Red Circle ball, Vs, Blue Circle ball, Pill / Capsule
Answer: Matrix

4) Level 56-4 # Cancel / no sign / No symbol / Not Allowed / Sound Disable, 3 blue Water drops / water droplets
Answer: Water Proof

5) Level 56-5 # Red X O X O / XOXO / 2 Crosses and 2 Circles
Answer: Hugs and Kisses

6) Level 56-6 # Letter A on Red, Bomb with fire
Answer: Atomic Bomb

7) Level 56-7 # Golden Key, Blue Diamond Ring
Answer: Keyring

8) Level 56-8 # Red yellow Medicine Pill / capsule, Money / $  US Dollars / cash notes bundle
Answer: Drug Money

9) Level 56-9 # crescent moon / face on half moon, up arrow pointing to top, sea / ocean water wave
Answer: High Tide

10) Level 56-10 # Golden Bell, Blue Jeans Pant
Answer: Bell Bottom

Got the answer for Guess The Emoji - Emoji Pops Level 56 that developed by Random Logic Games for android and Conversion, LLC for iOS? Our Solutions will confirm you a way to solve this fun and addictive game.


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