Guess The Emoji Level 27 answers

Written By Unknown on Tuesday, February 4, 2014 | 8:10 AM

Searching for Guess The Emoji - Emoji Pops answers? Then you have come to the right page. Guess The Emoji - Emoji Pops is a popular emoji photo quiz game that released by Random Logic Games on Google Play Store for android devices and Conversion, LLC on Apple iTunes for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch. If you get stuck on a particular puzzle this page will help you to pick the right answers, walkthrough guides, helps, cheats, tips, tricks and solutions to continue with this game.

Guess The Emoji - Emoji Pops Level 27 answers walkthrough helps cheats tips solutions

Level 27-1 # Nose and three next signs / go right / 3 white arrows pointing to right
Answer: Pinocchio

Level 27-2 # Flu and two leaves / sick Leaf
Answer: Sick Leave

Level 27-3 # Ice and red feet / footprints
Answer: Cold Feet

Level 27-4 # Bread loaf and winning trophy / win
Answer: Bread Winner

Level 27-5 # open mouth Cat And Boots /Shoes or Kitty and Boot shoe
Answer: Puss In Boots

Level 27-6 # Abcd and Soup / Alphabet and bowl of soup
Answer: Alphabet Soup

Level 27-7 # Hand showing stop/ palm, Add / plus sign and Eyes
Answer: Wait And See

Level 27-8 # swim, run Bicycle or Swimming on water, man / boy Running and Bicycling / bike racer / riding
Answer: Triathlon

Level 27-9 # Bus and Sign / Red White Blue sign on stand
Answer: Bus Station

Level 27-10 # Donut food and red Ring / circle
Answer: Donut Hole

Got the answer for Guess The Emoji - Emoji Pops Level 27 that developed by Random Logic Games for android and Conversion, LLC for iOS? Our Solutions will confirm you a way to solve this fun and addictive game.


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