Guess The 90s Level 16 answers

Written By Azharul islam on Monday, February 3, 2014 | 11:04 AM

Are you looking for Guess the 90s game Level 16 answers and solutions? Here we included all level answers of this fun game to enjoy on your Android, iPhone, iPod touch and iPad that Developed by Random Logic Games on Google Play for android devices and Conversion on iTunes for apple devices. While playing the game if you get stuck on a difficult to guess puzzle, please just use our quiz solutions from below.
 Guess the 90's Level 16 answers walkthrough helps cheats tips solutions.

151) Level 16-1 # Dodge Viper
152) Level 16-2 # Mark Mcgwire
153) Level 16-3 # Kurt Cobain
154) Level 16-4 # Bill Clinton
155) Level 16-5 # Laptop
156) Level 16-6 # Chandler Bing
157) Level 16-7 # Limp Bizkit
158) Level 16-8 # Josta
159) Level 16-9 # Jumanji
160) Level 16-10 # Mortal Kombat


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